Kelly Day O'Brien, NBC-HWC

Integrative Health Coach located in Raleigh, NC

Changing health habits is difficult! I know because Iʼve been there…

If I were to create a timeline of my health, the milestones in the first 40 or so years would certainly NOT point to my current role as someone who supports the wellness of others.

I let the many seemingly “one-in-a-small-chance diagnoses” shape how I perceived myself—for better AND for worse. I saw myself as someone who could power through and bounce back from just about anything while at the same time feeling like I was destined for a lifetime of being unwell.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I had always been what I considered to be a healthy eater but changing my diet to a far less processed, antiinflammatory version was a game-changer. The myriad symptoms that I had chalked up to bad luck or bad genes started to abate. I had the energy and motivation to SLOWLY make improvements in other areas.

The more I immersed myself in the pursuit of true wellness, the more I appreciated the powerful role of a balanced lifestyle (eating, rest, movement, stress management and toxin avoidance —what FoundationMED calls the 5 boxes).

As a wife and mother with a busy career, It wasnʼt always EASY, but I found that if I kept things SIMPLE, little changes over time would add up to big wins.

Just as not one event or circumstance contributes to our current state of health and wellness, no one treatment or intervention can solve the mystery.

What drew me to functional medicine is its whole systems, whole-person approach, AND the philosophy that the patient has much to contribute to his or her own healing.

As an Integrative/Functional Medicine health coach, I have the opportunity to partner with, support and empower others to fully engage in the wellness journey.

I believe that the seeds of healing are already planted within us.

“Start where you are. Use what youʼve got. Do what you can”.

Kelly Day O’Brien is a Duke Integrative Medicine trained Integrative Health Coach and has over 25 years of healthcare-related experience. Health Coach Kelly provides resources, support, and accountability as you strive to make healthy changes. She has extensive experience with the diet and lifestyle recommendations that serve as the foundation for your treatment plan. Guided by her coaching expertise, you’ll set a plan in motion to achieve your vision of optimal health. Through a collaborative partnership, you’ll identify obstacles to change and create strategies for sustainable health and wellness goals.


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