Cultivating Healthy Habits Workshop!


Set yourself up for success as you head into the holiday season and then throw away that list of New Year’s resolutions!


Join Us For The

Cultivating Healthy Habits Workshop 

An 8-week group coaching program to establish a firm foundation for life-lasting health


The Program Runs Weekly

From Wednesday, September 18, 2019 to Wednesday, November 6, 2019

From 7 PM to 8:30 PM


The Workshop Will Be Located at:

FoundationMED Functional Medical Center

5520 McNeely Drive, #204, Raleigh, NC 27612



Seating is LIMITED to 10 Participants Only - Don't Delay! - Reserve Your Spot Today…


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This is a DYNAMIC, "Roll up your sleeves" workshop - designed for those who:

  • Seek to LEVEL-UP their current health status
  • Know WHAT needs to be done to improve their health but are not sure HOW to do it
  • DESIRE "Life-lasting" healthy habits
  • Need a RESET to get back on track 


Learn How To:

  • CULTIVATE habits that support your vision of optimal health
  • STOP the cycle of habits that don’t serve you
  • CREATE a rock-solid vision of who you want to become
  • IDENTIFY the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from achieving your goals
  • BUILD a toolbox for getting yourself back on track 


In addition, our expert health coaches will provide guidance on the 5 key functional lifestyle “boxes”: 

  • Nutrition
  • Toxins and Toxin Minimization
  • Movement & Exercise
  • Sleep and Sleep Dynamics
  • Stress and Stress Management


This workshop will be conducted by Kelly Day O’Brien & Sharon Fowler - Certified Health Coaches. For more information about Kelly & Sharon click here. 



Total Workshop Cost is $600
Early Sign Up Pricing $570- But You Must Register/Pay before August 20, 2019

This is an introductory offer and an amazing value! 

The equivalent amount of 1:1 health coaching sessions would cost $1,635. 
There will be 2 certified Health Coaches present at all sessions. 

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FoundationMED is a medical practice designed to improve your health and wellness in a way that goes beyond conventional medicine. We understand that in order to truly improve the lives of our patients we need to do more than prescribe pills and refer to specialists. We work HARD to understand the complex physiology that lies at the root of most conditions, and work TOGETHER with our patients to improve their health. By utilizing seriously advanced testing (when needed) and drawing upon our training in both traditional AND Functional Medicine, we can go FAR beyond the traditional medical office visit.