Simple and Quick Ideas for Meal Prep during the Holidays!

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1. Make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks within reach.

When hunger hits, it is way too convenient to reach for the easiest item that might not be so healthy so make it convenient to reach for a healthier snack, like a handful of nuts, apple with almond butter, or carrot sticks with hummus.  You’re always more likely to snack on fresh fruit and vegetables when they’re prepared and ready to eat.

2. Prepare breakfast the night before.

It’s a lot easier to eat a good breakfast when you can pull something from the fridge. This could mean making a pot of hard-boiled eggs, cooking a big batch of oatmeal and portioning it into individual containers or making yogurt parfaits with fruit, nuts and your favorite spices. 

3. Prep meal components.

It’s so much easier and more convenient to prepare meals when even just a little bit of the prep work is already done.  Set aside some time one day a week to work on meal prep for the week ahead. This could mean roasting a chicken, peeling and chopping vegetables, roasting or steaming vegetables or cooking a pot of rice and beans. 

4. ‘Tis the season for the slow cooker and Instant Pot!


We love slow cookers and instant pots any time of year, though they hold a special place in our hearts during the winter months. While dinner does its thing in the slow cooker or instant pot, use that time to finish your shopping, wrap gifts, bake cookies or get your house ready for guests.

5. Don’t be afraid of leftovers.

Leftovers can be a huge time saver when the week is busy! Repurposing leftovers for lunch or dinner is faster and easier than making a whole new meal every time. 

Meal prepping is a way to save you money, eat healthier and have more time to enjoy all the wonderful festivities of the holidays! 

Image of Sharon F Sharon Fowler, NBC-HWC Sharon Fowler is an Integrative Institute of Nutrition trained and certified Integrative Health Coach with additional certifications in gut and hormone health.

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