Mind the Gap: Bridging the Distance Between the “Now” You and the “New” You

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First, since you are the expert on your own life, your health coach will guide you through the steps of self-assessment, diving deeply into the following questions:


This points the way to very a clear starting point. 


Time to establish a focus—one area where it makes sense to get the ball rolling. I like to call this the “wedge”—the change that will open up space and be a catalyst for forward momentum.

For example, while your vision might revolve around getting to your ideal weight, you may have identified through the coaching process that “stress eating” is a major barrier.  So the focus might be on finding supportive ways to make you more resilient to stress.  


Next up:  how ready you are feeling to start the process?


Suddenly that super clear vision might seem overwhelming, unlikely or even unattainable.  Relax and take a deep breath!  Now it’s your coach’s turn as the expert and, with your permission, can provide the following:


It’s important to manage expectations.  This is NOT a “30 Day Challenge” mindset—powering through the change and hating every minute of it.  That wouldn’t very likely create the life-lasting change you seek.  Instead, your coach will help you identify, seek and even embrace areas of challenge and resistance. Your coach will be your guide as you generate insights and nurture a sense of empowerment.


Ready to get started?  Contact FoundationMED and schedule your health coaching visit today!

Kelly O'Brien, NBC-HWC Kelly Day O’Brien is a Duke Integrative Medicine trained Integrative Health Coach and has over 25 years of healthcare-related experience. As a FoundationMED Health Coach, Kelly provides resources, support and accountability as you strive to make healthy changes. She has extensive experience with the diet and lifestyle recommendations that serve as the foundation for your treatment plan. Guided by her coaching expertise, you’ll set a plan in motion to achieve your vision of optimal health. Through a collaborative partnership, you’ll identify obstacles to change and create strategies for sustainable health and wellness goals.

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