Five Sleep Habits That Could Boost Your Immune System

Man sleeping on a couch, open book on face

A poor night’s sleep doesn’t just make you a little grumpy or groggy the next day—it can actually hamper your immune system.

While your body is resting at night, the immune system takes advantage of the diminished demands and works hard to fight off the many causes of illness and inflammation.  It ramps up efforts to “secure the perimeter” and protect and repair the body.

In these times when our routines have been interrupted or recalibrated, it’s even more important to shore up our sleep habits.

Here are some tips to consider:



Sleep is the unsung hero and necessary underpinning of optimal health.  Cleaning up your sleep hygiene could have a significant positive effect on your health and lifespan. Tidy up your habits and your immune system will thank you!


Kelly O'Brien, NBC-HWC Kelly Day O’Brien is a Duke Integrative Medicine trained Integrative Health Coach and has over 25 years of healthcare-related experience. As a FoundationMED Health Coach, Kelly provides resources, support and accountability as you strive to make healthy changes. She has extensive experience with the diet and lifestyle recommendations that serve as the foundation for your treatment plan. Guided by her coaching expertise, you’ll set a plan in motion to achieve your vision of optimal health. Through a collaborative partnership, you’ll identify obstacles to change and create strategies for sustainable health and wellness goals.

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